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Clean Air - Fume Free Salon

Here at Ar salon, we are committed to the health and safety of our staff and clients. Not only that we have the best ventilation out of all the salons in the Southbay, but we now feature a unique fume extraction system - the Salon Pure Air Spa-H Chemical Fume Extractor. This equipment is designed to absorb and remove formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, or other vapors generated by the various Keratin and Brazilian Smoothing Treatments. It designed for heavy fume removal applications which includes a patented air filtration media specifically designed to oxidize gaseous pollutants, including, but not limited to, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, ethylene, and mercaptans.

You can now be worry free when getting your smoothing treatment at Ar salon. Get that silky, frizz free, smooth hair that you've been dreaming about without inhaling the fumes, watery eyes and skin irritation!

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