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Olaplex: Damaged Hair’s Best Friend

Have you been wanting to change up your hair color, but don’t want to risk the potential damage that comes with bleaching or coloring hair? How about those of you who already have colored or bleached hair that is completely fried and damaged, don’t you wish there was a way to fix it? If you’re the type of person who colors their hair (or wishes to), the current it-service you should come in and ask one of our stylists about is Olaplex .

In my case, I had bleached my hair several times, but the last time I bleached it left it fried, dry, and crispy! I didn’t want to cut any of it off because my hair was already really short. I came to my boss (Arnil) knowing he would be able to fix it, and of course he did. Almost every day for a week we used Olapex on my hair as a conditioning treatment. After the first day, we were already seeing improvement. After the full week of treatment, you would never have known my hair has been bleached. It looks completely back to normal; Olaplex saved my hair!!!

Not only does Olaplex repair previously damaged hair, it is also used in the bleaching process as a bond multiplier to protect the hair from damage during the process. This bond multiplier not only multiplies bonds, but also cross links broken bonds to repair them! This product is your insurance that you can take your hair to levels never thought possible, without the damage. This product is effective on every hair type and it especially good for bleached hair, or any pre-damaged hair that is being colored. This product is a miracle worker and we use it all the time here to ensure the best looking and healthiest hair for our clients!

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