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Hanz De Fuko: "Original formulations for the one of a kind individual"

Born in the heart of San Francisco, in February of 2009, David Alfonso and Christopher Zent were eager to challenge the normal selection of hair product. They were determined to open more creativity and individuality in an industry that was quickly becoming so generic.

This unique product (Hanz de Fuko), mostly designed for men or those with short hair is a "one of a kind" hair care products that would open our eyes to new products that aren’t only unique, but also healthy and having good effects on your hair in the long run. They wanted to create something can be re-worked, re-invented or re-defined. Their products are a symbolic expression of this simple ideology.

All products are made with certified organic extracts and are also paraben free! Be the first one to use Hanz de Fuko. Available at Ar salon Hermosa Beach!

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