Our Top 5 Products!

Happy Saturday everyone! Today we're going to talk products. It just seems like there’s millions of them claiming to do things from reviving your hair to simply making a style last, but you never seem to know which one is right for you. We know people always leave the salon with picture perfect hair, but the second we wash it you can just never seem to make it look as good as it did the day you got it done. Today we want to introduce some of what we believe are our top 5 products we use and sell here at Ar Salon. These products all have uses that will contribute to making your hair look salon-fresh from home.

1. Matrix Miracle Creator $15.95

This multi-tasking hair treatment by Matrix has 20 beautifying benefits for your hair! You can use it to add shine, prevent breakage, help fight frizz, and tons

more. This product is sprayed on towel dried hair, then you can style as desired while effortlessly achieving beautiful, shiny, healthy hair.

2. Matrix Miracle Extender $15.95

Don’t you hate when your hair is styled perfectly and you want to keep it for a few days but know you can’t because it will start getting greasy? Well this product will help you avoid the wash! This dry shampoo refreshes hair and absorbs excess oil, making your hair look (and smell) like you just got out of the shower. To refresh your hair, just spray on hair in short bursts then brush out.